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Gulan’s ambient meditative albums include the following titles: “Antigravitation”, “Crystal monk”, “Spirit of the Sound”, “Astral Breath”, “Tarkhany Evening”, “Dynamic Consciousness”, “Floating Textures”, “Amorphous Resonances”, “Arctic Smoke”, “Zeroness”. The tracks included in these albums mainly belong to two subgenres – contemplative ambient and music for meditation. The listener should choose which compositions are more suitable for meditation and which are just for contemplative listening, depending on the purpose. You can listen to songs without any purpose, of course. There are also a number of other ambient compositions that are included in the albums of the space and new age genres: “Space Projections”, “Sphere”, “Cassiopeia”, ” Back to the Roots”.

In the large collection of albums there is also a series of one-hour programs with translimiting (transcendental) music for meditative practices called TLM – “Nada Yoga: Transcendent Music Session – TLM 1 (Remastered)”, “Nada Yoga: The Inner Light of the Inner Space – TLM 3” and also unreleased “TLM 2”. The above programs are the result of years of experimentation with sounds and their use in meditation sessions.

You can also find many other Gulan’s tracks in other Internet sources for listening.

Out Of Mind Consciousness – Nada Yoga – Transcendent Music Session – TLM 1 – Spiritual and Uplifting
The Meditative Way: Translimiting music (TLM 3) – Inner Light of the Universe – Session 3
Music for Deep Meditation – Spirit of the Sound
Sound Meditation – Activating Your Higher Energy Centers – Meditative Way with Music
Calming relaxing music with sounds of the sea – Natural sounds
DEEP MEDITATION MUSIC | Expand Your Consciousness !!!

Contemplative ambient

Back to the Roots
Between Space and Time