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Artwork by Felix Mittermeier

Between Space and Time (2021)

Atmospheric Space Music | Deep Ambient Impressionism

The album “Between Space and Time” refers to the contemplative deep ambient music, saturated with a voluminous and diverse sound texture, and consists of 7 tracks with a total duration of 52 minutes. The release also belongs to the style of musical ambient impressionism.

This journey will evoke in the listeners both cosmic associations and various new soulful experiences that will fill them with warmth and depth for a long time. It is very likely that this music can send you to distant pleasant memories of the past, and also make you think about something eternal and the most important things. “Between Space and Time” looks more like a cosmic floating on waves of very large amplitudes. Even the most complete and beautiful verbal descriptions of the album will not be able to express even 1 percent of what this album contains, and therefore it is best to listen to the compositions and plunge into it completely.

Have a good trip and have a good return to earth!


  1. Between Space and Time
  2. Between Space and Time 2
  3. Memories Before Starting
  4. Heavenly Lights 3
  5. Aurora
  6. Winds of the Times
  7. Nonsense

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Back to the Roots by Gulan. Ambient Space music Album
Artwork by Nikita Zakharkin

Back to the Roots (2021)

Ambient | Space Music | New Age & Instrumental

“Back to the Roots” consists of 5 tracks, which differ from each other by genre; the first two of which are deep atmospheric ambient that can plunge the listener into deep layers of consciousness. They can also be called transcendental music because it helps one go beyond conditioning, identifications and mental hooks. The first two tracks “Back to the Roots” and “We All Came from Eternity”, each over 20 minutes long, is a multi-layered and multidimensional music for self-immersion and introspection, where this sounding begins to influence you from the first seconds of listening. The above compositions contain some elements of changing harmony, which also affect the emotional layers of the listener. A variety of feelings arise in the process of listening – deep memories and unearthly fantasies, as well as other contemplative visions, however, behind each such layer of thoughts, new horizons of your boundless Being open up before your Self.

The third space ambient track “The Land of the Elves” is an extended version of a song from the previous album; a spectacular track filled with special effects that elevates you far to the stars, to the vastness of the Universe.

The last two tracks – “Airway 9a” and “Airway 9b”, which are close to each other in genre, are the classic old Berlin school of electronic music in the spirit of the 70s and 80s, created on the basis of a beautiful melodic harmony, where some melodic and lyrical themes are manifested. These last tracks belong to the instrumental cosmic new age or space soundtrack. Fans of electronic space music and deep ambient meditative sound will undoubtedly be impressed by the listened compositions of this album.


  1. Back to the Roots
  2. We All Came from Eternity
  3. The Land of the Elves (Extended)
  4. Airway 8a
  5. Airway 8b

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Artwork by Abdullah Ghatasheh

Nada Yoga: Transcendent Music Session TLM 2 – Dynamically Active TLM’s Release – Remastered (2021)

The most active release of the series of transcendental TLM (or translimiting music; TLM 2) is a mix consisting of 3 compositions by Gulan:

  1. Submergence pt 2 by Gulan
  2. Sound of Eternity pt 1 by Gulan (Deep Meditation Studio project)
  3. Lonely Elves by Gulan

Deep meditative experience /Meditative way: Translimiting music (TLM 2) – Session 2. TLM-session 2 as the TLM-session 1 consists of 3 different songs with a total duration – 1 hour.

The first track is a dynamic (whirling and pumped).
Another track is the main transcendental theme (soaring on spherical waves).
And the last is coming out of meditation session (final).

Depending on the various internal and external conditions, you can choose the most suitable release from the three TLM series.