What is meditation?

What is meditation? 


Today, probably almost everyone has heard about meditation. Just type the term into the search box in order to get extensive information on the nature of meditation and on how to properly meditate. The search queries will produce photos of people in lotus position or graphic silhouette images of meditating Buddha, mandalas, numerous videos of nature views, featuring lovely sunrises, sunsets, sea, clouds, mountains, stars, and so on, accompanied by meditative music, as well as a huge amount of text information on web pages providing descriptions of hundreds of meditative practices that have came to us from time immemorial. All this adds up to form the opinion on the multifaceted and enigmatic nature of meditation.

It is now difficult to provide a clearly formulated definition, as indeed meditative states of consciousness – are states that arise as the result of conscious (or unconscious *) performance of certain internal or external activities, which include not only the performance of “classic” meditative techniques, but also contemplation, visualization, concentration, listening, dance, painting, music, yoga, sports, love, compassion, a confluence of some circumstances of life, and more, that all could  have the result of a person experiencing the meditative state.

If we are to absolutely minimize the understanding of the term, relying on generally available definitions and resorting to figurative language of the irrational, meditation is a process of self-study, self-exploration or self-discovery, an inwardly directional process, whereby the true Self is actualized  and revealed, releasing your inner Light. It is the process of dissolution of the Ego and merging with the Universal Consciousness, the ocean of infinite Love, and residing beyond the limits of space and time!

Words fail to rationally explain the process that goes beyond the limits of understanding of the bodily perception.


*Meditative states that arose in a person due to some external factors that provoked these states (stress, illness, some striking experiences in life, and more …)