Space music | Listen

Gulan’s space music albums include the following releases: “Sphere”, “Cassiopeia”, “Space Projections”, “Back to the Roots”, “Between Space and Time”. There are also other space tracks released in other albums, whose genre stands at the intersection of several styles – Space music, Berlin School of electronic music, Ambient and New Age. These tracks are called: “Electronic Symphony” (entire series),” Airway” (entire series), as well as space ambient music tracks: “Cassiopeia 4”, Cassiopeia 5”, “The Land of the Elves”, “Crystal Monk”, “Sphere” (entire series) and so on.

Space music Electronica Ambient compositions of Gulan are available for listening on some Youtube channels, as well as in many other Internet sources. Here is a compilation for listening, consisting of several albums with space, ambient and electronic music.

Space music & New Age music compilation – From the Melody to the Stars